Cannabinoids Improved My Quality of Life and I’m Still Noticing Subtle Improvements

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Submitted by J’Né C. from Missouri


I am 38 years old, and I am from Springfield, Missouri.  

I never wanted to be treated with pharmaceuticals

This desire led to unhealthy coping skills, and at different points in my life, using illicit drugs and alcohol to mask the symptoms.  


Love at first night

About two years ago, I became acquainted with Medical Cannabis edibles, and after the first night of use, I woke up refreshed and feeling relief from recently developed chronic pain. 

Through trial and error, I have found optimal doses and chemovars to treat specific ailments. I no longer take ANY pharmaceuticals, prescribed or over-the-counter, for my acute and chronic ailments.


Grief added to pre-existing depression and chronic pain

I was facing crippling depressive/ anxiety episodes, compounded by the grief of caring for and losing both of my parents within 30 months, along with chronic pain. I was going through a 200-count bottle of ibuprofen a month and taking 3-6 Benadryl per day, which caused even more side effects.


In the beginning

I tried over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, changed my diet, and increased my exercise regimen. In my more depressive episodes, I turned to drugs and alcohol at different times. I never felt like I was improving, just masking the symptoms and never getting to the bottom of the root cause.


I searched intensively

It was almost a year before I virtually attended my first Cannabis conference hosted by Patients Out of Time. That conference introduced me to Dr. Dustin Sulak, which led to my first Cannabis/ CBD certification through 

From Dr. Sulak’s free monthly webinars, I not only expanded my knowledge and understanding of Medical Cannabisbut I also encountered the Effective Cannabis Newsletter, which was pivotal for me! 

I also discovered Emily Kyle Nutrition, the Cannabis Coaching Institute, and several Coaches and Educators that continue to teach me along my quest for Cannabis knowledge.


There had to be a different truth

I was raised to believe Cannabis was a gateway drug into other drugs, which was dangerous and would kill brain cells.  

I am also very spiritual, and due to the status quo stigma, I had to keep my medical use a secret. However, after my first positive experience with Medical Cannabis, I knew there had to be a different truth about this beautiful plant.  


On this two-year quest

I have yet to find a valid reason for so much untruth surrounding this medicine. Now that Missouri is legal for both adult and medical use, I have been able to open more dialogues surrounding cannabinoids and have been able to guide others on their own Medical Cannabis quests successfully.


My THC protocol is sometimes the only reason I can get out of bed and function when my depression is at its worst

I start the day with 5-10mg THC combined in chocolate and 5-10mg THC at night. In the morning, I use chemovars higher in limonene, and at night, linalool. Beta-caryophyllene is usually present in most chemovars I have available to me, which helps significantly with any inflammation I may be experiencing.  

I use a CBD/ CBG blend and CBDa throughout the day. On depressive days or days when I feel under the weather, I take additional doses through the day of each cannabinoid. This extra dose is beneficial in relieving menstrual symptoms or when my depression severely impacts my motivation. 


Before, I just accepted and pushed through

Before incorporating Cannabis for my condition, I just accepted and pushed through as well as I could on my depressive days. I used ibuprofen daily for my pain, sometimes taking 800mg each dose.


Now, I’m expressing emotions and exploring memories

After incorporating Cannabis to address my health issues, I no longer use pharmaceuticals or turn to alcohol to numb my feelings and pain. I can now explore my emotions more freely without the negative emotional burden.  

I have explored and processed repressed memories, which I learned were most likely the root cause of my harmful thinking errors and behavior. These breakthroughs have helped me to forgive myself and to move forward.  

NONE of this would have been possible without the aid of Medical Cannabis!


This is J’Né’s personal story and not meant to be medical advice. It is for informational purposes.

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