Together, We Can Work Smarter, Not Harder

Are you a Cannabis advocate who gets a headache just thinking about how to reach more people with your message?
Do you wish you could have more confidence in your digital marketing plan?


We have a tool that helps you advocate for and educate about medical Cannabis AND helps to build your business!


Leverage your Cannabis Educator Community to establish yourself as a trusted expert, avoid content creation burnout and grow your online presence.

Challenges We Face in Cannabis Education

Coming up with fresh content is time-consuming. Getting in front of new audiences on the internet can feel as daunting as climbing Mount Everest. Many of us are spinning our wheels or waiting for the day one of the significant platforms shuts down our account. We know it’s a gamble.

Entrepreneurs have limited-time to make maximum impact


Does this resonate with you?

It’s EVEN HARDER to reach audiences when the topic is about Cannabis

What roadblocks have you run into?

We have been told we need to build mailing lists to avoid some of these pitfalls but, it is easier said than done

How much time, effort, and energy (and maybe money) is it costing you?


Request to join the ECN Advocate membership and increase the visibility of your business now!



we are getting tired and frustrated!


Very few of us got into the Cannabis Education field thinking we would need to be adept at navigating these murky and ever-changing waters of social media and marketing.

As colleagues trying to accomplish similar goals, we have all had some of these issues:
  • Searching for our own original ideas and inspiration for content that educates our clients and followers
  • Figuring out what an e-mail service is, if we should pay for it and which one to use
  • Working hard to bring education to the masses to find our post was only liked and commented on by a handful of people
  • Worrying about staying engaged with your audience when there is only one of you and so much to be done to run your business

With so much potential for shutdown, frustration, and overwhelm… it’s no wonder that many Cannabis Advocates avoid tackling these issues


Maybe you don’t have to do this alone? What if we pool our knowledge and resources to tackle this beast?

What if we figured out how to take this flower by the thorns and make a beautiful bouquet of collaboration, education, and marketing superpower?

Imagine if you can reduce some of your daily headaches trying to capture e-mails, creating content, and composing copy that may not even get read?

What if you could create content with the support of your colleagues and pair it up with THEIR content and THEIR mailing lists to expand your reach and message exponentially?

Imagine EXPANDING your reach to a WARM AUDIENCE with LESS EFFORT!

The team at the Effective Cannabis Newsletter has some ideas on how to do this, and we want to collaborate with YOU!

Work with us to find a way to:

  •  Advocate for Cannabis as medicine to a larger audience 
  • Leverage the strengths of our community of colleagues
  • Establish a deeper rapport with the public and build our reputations as Cannabis experts
  • Grow our businesses in ways that feel more authentic and organic in the process 

Your business building can get easier, if you join our collaborative membership. Collectively, let's use our association to grow our advocacy and business growth efforts rather than staying bogged down in frustration or overwhelm.

If we don’t have to do all this alone, how far and how fast can we grow together?

We think we are onto something here and want to collaborate with you!

The EC Newsletter 


Debi Wimberly
Founder EC Newsletter



  • Cannabis Educator
  • Health and Life Coach
  • Medical Applications of Cannabis
  • Cannabis CBD
  • Cannabis Advocacy
  • Cannabis Business Essentials
  • Cannabis Compliance and Regulations
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Cannabis Fundamentals
  • The Human Brain and Cannabis Masterclass
  • Medical-Cannabis-For-Alzheimer's-Dementia-Other-Brain-Conditions
  • Healing Cancer Masterclass
  • Healing Pain Masterclass
  • How to Make Cannabis Work For You
  • Healing Trauma Masterclass

William Brown

WbC Therapeutics
  • Cannabis Health Coach
  • The Mitchel School of Business - Culinary Cannabis Professionals
  • LGA Dispensary Training / Operations Support
  • MMJPA Card Holder & Caregiver
  • Member: The Society of Cannabis Clinicians, The Council for Federal Cannabis Reform, and Americans for Safe Access

J'Né Clapper

STRUCTURE Wellness and Nutrition
  • Graduate of Healer the Certified
  • Cannabis training with Dr. Dustin Sulak
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • MMJ Card Holder and Caregiver
  • Currently enrolled in the Cannabis Educator program at the Cannabis Coaching Institute


Michelle Diston

CannaWell with Michelle
  • Certified Cannabis Health Coach
  • CannSell Standard Certification, CannSell Ontario
  • Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 - CannaReps

Effective Cannabis Newsletter Mission Statement

Video Poster Image

ECN Advo(kit) & Caboodle


Overcome tech challenges, communicate effectively about the power of this plant and stop stressing about creating content while being supported in a collaborative environment by your knowledgeable peers

Ideal for Cannabis Coaches, Educators and Medical Professionals looking to enlighten the public about Cannabis AND expand their organic digital footprint.

Build Your E-Mail List • Demonstrate the Depth of Your Network • Build Trust with Your Audience • Sharpen Your Marketing Skills • Submit and Create Content • Grow Your Business • Empower Cannabis Consumers to Make Educated Decisions

This is why we call our membership the Advo(kit) and Caboodle! We would say we include everything but the kitchen sink, but by this definition, the kitchen sink is included! 


The origin of the saying "Kit and Kaboodle" (or Caboodle) comes from 18th century England.

The word "kith" refers to an estate. Therefore, "the entire kith would refer to all the estate's contents.

Soldiers in the 1700s would also carry a kitbag with them when going into battle, known as the "caboodle."

Benefits of being an ECN Advocate:

  • Grow your reach organically by being part of the more extensive network of ECN Advocates. As a result, your content is delivered to Cannabis-curious consumers that you aren't accessing on your own
  • Access reliable medical Cannabis articles and resources that you can share with your clients and followers
  • Build rapport and reputation with your audience in a way that feels authentic versus “salesy”
  • Reduce the stress of content creation by tapping into the Effective Cannabis Newsletter materials and network
  • Save time with less demand on yourself to create content by tapping into the collaborative
  • Create some breathing room for yourself so you can focus on other aspects of your business that may need attention
  • Transform your fears of marketing, networking, and advocacy into action with more ease
  • Tap into our bonuses that help you strengthen your bio, your brand and, your marketing communications
  • Gain confidence in your educational offerings (get lost critter brain) and reduce some stress around social media and marketing that comes with being an entrepreneur

Request to join the ECN Advocate Membership now!



ECN Advocate and Caboodle?


Annual Membership as an ECN Advocate

A monthly newsletter with rotating topics that any Cannabis Advocate would be proud to promote and share as part of their business.

The newsletter is distributed via e-mail to anyone signed up under any ECN Advocate or signed up under the Effective Cannabis Newsletter. This means that the reach goes beyond your immediate contacts and will GROW EVERY MONTH!

Each issue will contain curated content, links, and resources vetted through our review process. It will be well-communicated information about Medical Cannabis in terms that newcomers can understand.

We utilize fact-checking, coupled with anecdotal evidence and personal stories, to present the most accurate, up-to-date, real-world evidence about Cannabis, its use as Medicine, and how one can utilize it as such for potential benefit, either personally or professionally.

Newsletters will include:

  • Topic Specific Podcasts
  • Topic Specific Articles/Blogs
  • Topic Specific YouTube Videos
  • Featured Events
  • Upcoming Online Classes
  • Highlighting Non-Profits and Advocacy in the Cannabis space
  • Standard Medical Disclaimer
  • Interactive Directory of Cannabis Coaches & Educators
  • Letter from the Editors

Branded Landing Page

Members get their own landing page that is beautifully branded to match their logo. You will use this to invite subscribers to sign up to your list.

We will provide you the resources and instructions to submit all you need so we can design your page. Then, it will be done for you!

It will include:
  • Your logo and an optional headshot
  • Color scheme to match your logo/company branding
  • Built-in sign-up form with automated processes that are done for you
  • Your bio to introduce who you are and what you do
  • Effective Cannabis Newsletter Member badge to designate your involvement in the project
  • Clear instructions on the creation process
  • Standard medical disclaimer

Priority Review of Content Submissions

You can submit many types of content as an ECN Advocate! We don't require your content to be exclusive to us. You OWN YOUR CONTENT! We just want to share it with as many people as possible! Being an ECN Advocate gives your content top priority for review and inclusion in the newsletter. Having content in each newsletter exponentially increases your exposure to a new audience.

Content will be required to meet our ethics and standards review.

Content can include:
  • Blogs or articles written for the ECN or repurposed from another posting (blog, blog, pass)
  • YouTube content that is relevant to the monthly topic (teach them your ways)
  • Appropriate Cannabis photography (are you a shutterbug?)
  • Classes or online events you offer (tap into a whole new audience!)
  • Links to podcasts on the monthly topic (bonus points for podcasts featuring more than one ECN Advocate! J/K, but how cool would that be?)
  • Priority publishing spots are given to ECN Advocates that submit content that fits the criteria

Opportunities to Curate Your E-mail List and Grow Your Following

Stop asking yourself what you can do to entice people to be interested in your offers! Instead, utilize your branded landing page to offer this powerful resource to people by inviting them to subscribe to the Effective Cannabis Newsletter. From there, you will be provided an ETHICAL AND GUIDED path to capturing those subscribers and converting them to your personal e-mail list, taking your classes, following your social media, and more.

This is exciting stuff:
  • Don’t have an e-mail list started yet? This is a way to jumpstart building your list or enhance your existing list.
  • Your have a unique opportunity to capture subscribers you might not otherwise attract via your branded Landing Page.
  • The newsletter offer will attract more interest in what you are doing in other parts of your business.
  • You are not required to pursue additional marketing if you aren’t interested in it.


BONUS: How to Write a Bio


Get your bio done faster and without a headache!

Writing a bio is rarely something people enjoy. Don’t be intimidated. Be confident in creating your Landing Page. We provide a bonus tutorial with videos, a workbook, tips and tricks on writing a bio for this specific use and how to tweak it to use for other purposes too!

BONUS: Access to the ECN Advocate Lab & Community


You will have password protected access to the ECN Advocate Lab and Online Community. 

In one place you can access your ECN Advocate tools, get updates, submit content, ask questions and collaborate in the community.

BONUS: Does Tech Make You Fret?


We are developing a video library for our tech-challenged friends to help you get answers to your questions with video tutorials.

BONUS: Digital Badges

Be recognized as a Member and/or a Content Contributor with snazzy, branded badges you can use on your landing page, social media, website, and more.

Water marked example shown on the left.

BONUS: Worried About What Content You Can Contribute?

We know this is a new venture, and new things can be scary. That's why we will host a voluntary online meeting once a month to brainstorm ideas for content, give you feedback, pointers, and more. 

BONUS: Inner Healing E-book Sign-Up Incentive for Your Subscribers


Your subscribers will receive value from their subscription the moment they sign up for the newsletter.

Our system is set up to send a professional E-Book called Inner Healing to their inbox as an incentive for signing up!  This is more content that your subscribers will be thankful for, and you didn’t have to create!

This is from the marketing 101 handbook! It’s an incentive we are giving you to make you reinforce your expertise to your subscribers and leave them wanting more!

BONUS: Follow-Up Templates


Capitalize on warm leads that aren't already on your personal business mailing list. You will be provided a proven, effective marketing e-mail copy template and a list of all subscribers from your Landing Page. In addition, we provide the steps to initiate direct contact and establish further rapport with anyone who signs up on your Landing Page that you don't already know. These warm leads will likely convert subscribers to your personal e-mail list and followers of your social media accounts.

We will do this by following guidelines for the ethical cultivation of an e-mail list so as not to jeopardize the process or any relationships.

BONUS: Enhanced Directory Listing for ECN Advocates

There will be a link to an Interactive Directory of Cannabis Coaches & Educators in every issue of the Effective Cannabis Newsletter.

  • ECN Advocates have enhanced listings that are highlighted at the top of the directory, so they are more attractive, have more detail, and are seen first by subscribers. ECN Advocate listings have all the features of non-ECN Advocate listings with additional options.
  • Additional options: ECN Advocates can add a photo or logo, areas of expertise, social media handles, scheduling links, other degrees held, and a few sentences about who your ideal client is. 

ECN Advo(kit) & Caboodle

  • One-year distribution of ECN Newsletter to your list (Valued at $497)
  • Custom, branded landing page (Valued at $497)
  • Opportunities to develop your e-mail list and grow your social media following (Valued at $297)
  • Inner Healing sign-up incentive for your subscribers (Valued at $197)
  • Priority consideration to include your content in the ECN (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus: Monthly content contribution support calls (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus: Q&A/Tech library (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus: Online tutorial about how to cite references in your work (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus: Access to analytics on the performance of your content (Valued at $97)
  • Bonus: How to write a bio tips & tricks (Valued at $97)
  • Bonus: Enhanced and prioritized interactive directory listing (Valued at $297)
  • Bonus: Marketing e-mail templates for follow-up (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus: Digital badges (Valued at $97)

Total Value= $3,061

Today's Price= $447 (or 4 payments of $115 for a total of $460)


Note: We do not charge extra for the payment plan, the price covers the additional fees for the multiple transactions

Payment Plan


4 monthly payments

Pay In Full


Avoid extra transaction fees


Take advantage of these tools and increased visibility to support your business! 

Request to join.


Video Overview of the ECN Advocate Membership

Presented by Effective Cannabis Newsletter Team

Video Poster Image
Video Overview ECN Advocate Guarantee & Pricing

Presented by Effective Cannabis Newsletter Team

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Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Our Promise to ECN Advocates

We believe you will be PROUD of your branded landing page and the quality of content the Effective Cannabis Newsletter generates. However, if, after the first newsletter, you don't feel very proud of the end product and excited about the possibilities of gaining new reach to Cannabis-friendly consumers, we will give you your money back.

Send us an e-mail to [email protected], and we will issue a refund for all but $60 in administrative fees.



The Urgency of Now


We know that people are suffering and struggling to find relief. We see how the pandemic exacerbated anxiety, depression, sleep issues, addiction, and more.

There has never been a more critical time for Cannabis advocates to ban together and find ways to get powerful, helpful, and encouraging information to those that seek it.

People are seeking information, and Dr. Google isn't always their friend.

Don’t you wish you had access to a resource like this when you started learning about the science and efficacy behind Cannabis?

We know more breakthroughs are coming. We know science will continue to reveal the benefits of this plant. So let's work together to grow a following and get this information into the hands of people that really need it. We can help change hearts, minds, and even laws with the Effective Cannabis Newsletter.

Let’s face it. Time is a limited and PRECIOUS commodity. Time moves so slowly when you are chronically ill and in pain. It can make a person desperate to find answers. Let’s help them find accurate and helpful resources.

Your time is PRECIOUS too. It takes time to reach people and generate good content. You may have an excellent post, but there is just not enough organic reach for it to be widely seen. We can all work together to help save you time in reaching those that time is moving so slowly for. Let's use our skills to help them find their way to happier and healthier lives. We believe this goal is within reach if we collaborate.

Are you in?



Fill out this form to request an invitation to join.


Your Questions Answered


More Questions? Contact us.

Are You Ready?

You only have so much time in the day to make things happen. So, let's use this tool together to expand what we can do in Cannabis advocacy, education, AND business growth.

There is much to know about e-mail marketing, social media, and content generation. Utilize this tool to help you along the way and tap into our knowledgeable community.

Don't put yourself under the pressure of creating content, writing bios, or writing marketing content on your own if you don't have to. You can use that time to accomplish some of your other goals!

Investing in the ECN Advocate and Caboodle will give you the toolkit you need to expand your reach and establish your reputation as a knowledgeable, accessible resource in the Cannabis industry.

What are you waiting for?

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