Cannabis, In All Its Glory, Has Helped Immensely with Easing My Nerve Pain Along with Insomnia and Greatly Improved My Quality of Life

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Angel Testimonial

Submitted by Angel J. from Utah


I am 51 years old from Utah. I had been dealing with nerve pain from my herniated discs touching my sciatic nerve for 9 years.


The challenges I was facing were constant pain shooting down my left leg and muscle spasms

At any given time of the day, that would tense and freeze my muscles from my calf and shin down to my Achilles tendon and feet. That Caused me to feel the most intense pain, leading to insomnia and a bit of depression.


Before I started my Cannabis journey, I had been on several medications

Including a steroid shot in my tailbone. Even though that shot took away the pain, I was struggling with the pain of my muscle spasms and the seizing of the muscles in my leg. The doctors wanted to put me on medications that I was not comfortable with because of the side effects. I've always sought out more holistic and naturopathic ways in the past and I felt I could have better results this way.


Rediscovering Cannabis as a holistic approach to pain relief

One night, after I had an episode, my husband remembered that our friend had passed him some Cannabis because my husband had mentioned my struggles. This triggered my past recreational use and despite my many years away from it, I recalled its pain relief without the drawbacks of traditional medicines. Revisiting Cannabis wasn't about returning to an old habit; it was a calculated decision informed by personal experience and awareness of its healing properties.


I was a child of the Just Say No Movement

Also being a child of hippies, I was no stranger to being around Cannabis. So I sometimes find it hard to talk about it openly because of the stigma others still have about the plant and the "PTSD" I have in regard that I still feel I'd get someone in trouble, including myself. if I were to say I was using even for medicinal purposes. I've learned to give myself grace because the results I'm getting have improved my life and I'm not dealing with side effects like I was before.


To help manage my pain and keep me uplifted during the weekday

I take a tincture of THC/CBD in the mornings. When I come home from work, I'm able to take 3 puffs of THC flower from my handheld flower vaporizer set at a specific temperature that gives me more CBD from the flower that works best for my condition. Right before bed, I take a tincture of 1:1:1 THC, CBD, and CBN. This helps me sleep through the night.


I was depressed and often not physically or emotionally present for my family or friends

Living with pain caused me to slip into depression, making it tough to be fully present for my family and friends. Even after undergoing physical therapy and enduring a steroid shot, that weight on my shoulders lingered.


Introducing Cannabis into my holistic routine changed things

It helped to lift that heavy cloud of depression. It wasn't about escaping reality; it nudged me to see things more clearly, allowing me to reconnect emotionally with the people I cared about. While my physical therapy sessions had their merits, Cannabis provided something unique—a sort of emotional sanctuary that let me navigate through my feelings more gently.


I felt myself come alive!

After incorporating Cannabis to address my health issue, I was much more positive, my depression had lifted, was comfortable, and confident enough to incorporate an exercise regimen, which meant more time hiking and going for walks with my family and being able to engage and enjoy going out with my friends.


This is Angel’s personal story and not meant to be medical advice. It is for informational purposes.

To work with a medical Cannabis professional, please visit our directory of coaches, educators, and medical professionals. Everyone's Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is different; good results start with the right approach. You don't have to figure it out on your own.

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