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Fill in the blanks:


________________________ helped my_________________




Blank 1 examples: THC, Cannabis, CBD, Cannabinoids, etc.                      


Blank 2 examples: anxiety, cancer, adhd, arthritis, etc.


Blank 3 examples: benefits, improved quality of life, brought relief to my…

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I am ____years old. (We want to show Cannabis is beneficial to people of all ages)


I am from ________________. (We want to show people from all over are using Cannabis. You can list your city or just state/province)


I have been dealing with (conditions you are addressing with Cannabis)___________________________________for ______ (period of time)

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The challenges I was facing were ____________________________and that

(examples: I lost mobility, I couldn’t sleep, I was anxious all the time, I had stage IV cancer)


caused me to feel_________________________________________________

(symptoms and emotions, whatever you want to share)


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Things that I tried before I came to Cannabis  ____________________________________________



Share a little about what worked, what didn’t and why you felt you could still find improvement.


Example: Before I started my Cannabis journey, I had been on several medications. I was struggling with the side effects and the side effects were outweighing the benefits of the medicine. I did this for 13 years. I worked with my doctors and we tried multiple medications. We just never got to a point that I felt comfortable. I felt I could have better results.


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Did someone coach you or guide you on your Cannabis journey? Shout them out here! Please include names of the person, blog, podcast, book, etc.


If none, put N/A.


Coach/Educator Example: I ran across a YouTube video from Cannabis Educator (insert name or business) and I learned xxxx. OR I worked with my Cannabis Coach (insert name or business) and I saw xxx improvements.


Other examples: 

A friend suggested I try Cannabis for xxxxx

I saw a documentary (share the name of it) and had an aha moment when they said…

I heard a podcast (share the name of it) and that made me think this could help me.


Examples of ways you may have learned about Cannabis:

Cannabis Coach or Educator

Book, blog, documentary

Family member or friend

Doctor, therapist or other medical professional

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Did you struggle with the stigma around Cannabis? How are you overcoming that?


Example: I am a child of the Just Say No Movement. Sometimes I still find myself thinking I’m doing something bad. I have had to do a lot of reading and learning from other people about the history of the plant and how it has helped people for thousands of years. I have had to be gentle with judging myself because the results I’m getting are improving my life and I’m not dealing with side effects like I was before.

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What type of products have been working for you and specifically what do they help? 


Please note, we are looking for any or all of the following you want to share.


1) Ingestion methods (gummy, tincture, inhalation via vaporizer, etc.) 

2) Cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, CBDa, THCa, etc.) 

3) If you concentrate on terpene effects please share. 

4) Ratios 1:1, 4:1, etc. 

5) Dose amounts and time of day you consume them.


We will not print brand names or strain/chemovar names. This causes frustration for people that don’t have access to those specific things. 



I take a tincture of CBD/CBG in the mornings to help me manage my pain during the weekday. (option to share dosage) 


When I come home from work around 5 pm I am able to take a few puffs of a flower from a vaporizor. I find that flowers that are high in CBD and have limonene or linalool terpenes work best for my condition.


In the evening I take a 1:1 THC to CBD gummy around an hour before bedtime. This helps me sleep through the night.

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Finish these sentences:


Before incorporating Cannabis for my condition:__________________________________________

Could address conditions, emotions, family effects, etc. Example: I was feeling hopeless that my condition would ever improve, I wasn’t able to be more present in my life or with my family, I was barely mobile, etc. My prognosis wasn’t good.


After incorporating Cannabis to address my health issues:__________________________________

Could address conditions, emotions, family effects, etc. Example: I have a much more positive outlook on life, I am able to walk my dogs and enjoy the outdoors, I was able to go back to work, my tumors have shrunk.

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Do you feel you have more story to tell? Would you be interested in expanding on your story in the Effective Cannabis Newsletter in the future via an article or interview?





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